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Friday, May 29, 2015

Google Branch Office in Somaliland

Throughout the years in using the Internet by search engine giant Google I was wonder about the company's offices and I looked at a map of places company I ask myself for my Hargeisa the capital city of Republic of Somaliland...
Hey Google...Can you open new office in Somaliland?...Thank you!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Speed Up Your PC

            When you buy a PC or laptop, you get a cool Machine or fast Machine or totally lethal Specifications (that on your ideal of specifications), but there’s same thing you should know about the speed performance…when you are using the Machine at first week you'll see it's fast... and after passing one week you will see that the speed will slow, and eventually after some time probably Weeks the condition will worsen, So......follow the steps to improve the speed of your PC or Laptop:

Step 1:-
(Stopping the Autorun programs)
Open Run, type msconfig and choose Startup tab…such remove the sign at any programs you want to stop it.

Step 2:- 
(Cleanup mess) 
Go to Computer icon, right click on any hard disk, click properties and click Disk Cleanup… sign it all, click OK and say YES! will clean the mess.

Step 3:- 
(Scan the Errors and organize the file) 
Same the previous step 2 but on Tool tab where it’s near General Tab of Hard Disk…Now you must see the 2 importuning things “Scan Disk & Defragmentation”

A. Scan Disk: 
Every time you must scan your hard disk to check the errors and will fix it.

B. Defragmentation: 
Every week you must organize your files & folders to open the file so fast.

Step 4:- 
No need to put effect themes and colors…such apply it by Windows Classic Theme

((No Wallpaper, No Effect colors, No Animation Move and Yes the old days))

Step 5:-
(Disable the notification)
Disable the Windows Update and Action Center Messages

A. Disable Windows Update

B. Disable Action Center Messages

Step 6:-
Now…sometimes you need a utilities program to fixing the applications or defragment the files and folders or something like this, are the Good utilities programs (The Best of the Best):-

Uniblue Power Suite


Ashampoo Magical Optimizer

Tuneup Utilities

O&O Defrag

No wasting for time for the format
...No fixing OS Software...
And keep your Machine Speed UP!