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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Build (Hackintosh) Macintosh

          After getting my job I was thing to buy a new PC, I take some experiment for good and fast OS for using project and testing security also coding (I ma fan Android) and guess what?!......Mac OS X. Now this definitely problem that I must have or buy the Apple product for using Mac OS X but I was thinking......What if ?!......Mac OS X can be using on normal PC (CustoMac PC) ?!.......Well......this will be magnificent because it has Intel chips processor and for this thing I can buy computer items related for Intel chips processor, I Googled for Build Hackintosh and I found good a guidelines (step by step) for Build CustoMac PC and Installing Macintosh.


(The Best is TonyMacx86)
Build Hackintosh PC:-
Step 1 (Build Custom PC):

Step 2 (Install Mac OS X):

Step 3 (Enjoy it)