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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fan Without Wings

On this subject we will talk about fan that are using on home, but this fan is different from any other fans that I have never seen it before, why? Because they are simply a fan, but without the wings!

What you see in this picture is an casement of the plastic doesn't seem any interest and makes you feel that you are see a giant lens, in fact…a fan of home much more efficient than regular fans! the air passes out of this..."without wings"?, One of the trick of this fan is already exist but it's hidden in the lower section where the fan internal transfer from the air into framework of the plastic you can see in the pictures.

Out of the holes are distribute along the frame, quickly air that is around him, too, the result is the presence of a continuous stream strong fan along with the area of all! Featured in this innovative mechanism is that it is accelerating the air passing through them for more than......15 times pushing fresh air!...Now............

On this video you will see how the mechanism will work (From Youtube)
On the other video this company invention a fertile on nature (From Youtube)

Different between 2 fans (the new one is better than previous)


Fan made regular stream of hesitant air as the status codes for arming, The fan Dyson Vtkdk steady constant flow of air regardless of the status codes for arming, Because they do not have any codes! Product features do not stop at what is provided by the Air But we must also bear in mind that it is more secure than the regular fan because there are no moving parts, a phenomenon which.

The product is beautiful and a wonderful idea and efficiency look very good, as it seems from the idea....than.....Where is the trick?, the course price it is around 300$ US! Moreover, much exaggerated for the fan's house and I think that you can add to this amount a little bit of money to buy a small air conditioners! We will wait as usual, China's position on this fan.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Your Favor OS

          All the humans have the right to select the type OS that they want…you see…some people hate windows & love Mac and some of them like Linux & hate Mac…Bala…Bala…Bala WHATEVER, some people needs the open source to using programming or making their own system codes, if you are a rookie or professional…or…something else…concentrate what the type of OS you want to do and using for it. 

Now…as we long talking about the OS…Let see who’s the top 3 of OS?!

Number One:- 

          It is a free operating system open source, because of that its development in the framework of the GNU Project, GNU/Linux had a high degree of freedom to modify and run the distribution and development of parts and it is like UNIX systems and classified in the family of UNIX as well as the other systems, some of them owned and some of them are free like Solaris and Free B.S.D… 

I take only 4 types of OS’s Linux that I’m really using to them on my laptop…Let see the first one and good Linux OS:

A. Linux Mint:
          Now this is an elegant and easy to use operating system that is also very powerful in terms of what it can do. It was first released in 2006 and is now claimed to be the fourth most widely used operating system in the world begin open source, it is free of cost and community driven. Based on Debian and Ubuntu it has more than 60,000 software packages to tackle almost anything a user can throw at it.

          Linux Mint also cycles bi-annual distributions like most open source OS, the financial support from the community and advertising on the website helps to keep Linux Mint free and open source. There’s other various programs (such as Re-masters and Re-constructor) exist to produce customized Re-masters of Debian/Ubuntu and probably can be used to produce modified versions of Linux Mint Live CDs, one of the good thing is that no anti-virus or anti-spy-ware which means that the recode is safety.

B. Ubuntu:

          It is a Linux distribution for desktops, laptops and servers, it has always been evaluated as one of the most popular Linux distributions for their target of the Ubuntu operating system include the provision of updated firmware for intermediate users with a good use and ease installation, based on the distribution as Debian GNU/Linux, there are new distributions developed every six months to fix bugs and errors and to improve compatibility.

          Pre-installed open source software includes web browser Firefox, playing music & DVD studio, messaging program Empathy, productivity software in the form of  Libre Office also p2p client Transmission torrent. For additional software, Ubuntu includes the Software Center or Synaptic that will list all the downloadable software available for the current distribution, with a focus on usability stability and security, Ubuntu is an excellent developer friendly OS.

C. Fedora:

          Based on the package manager RPM, developed and community by Fedora Project and sponsored by Red Hat Company. Derives its name from the hat Fedora distinctive lounges and code used in the "shadow man" and it’s using a full and wide-founder of the free software & also open source. One of the good things is that of ease of installation and setup tools of the graphical installer and a series of simple tools setup by 'system-config', you can download and install packages also credits easily by a program on (Yum).

          It’s issued a new version of Fedora every six or eight months but some open source software included in the Fedora 20 (Heisenbug) Package includes Pino Social Media Client, Package Kit Integration for burning CD/DVD’s shot well for editing pictures and automatic driver installation.

D. Google Chrome OS

          This type of project is from Google and developed by computer system to running a light intended for use in the World Wide Web and Google explained that it’s an open source. Despite the using of the Linux kernel it will use the system “New windowing system”.

          It designed in a moderate as similar to web browser Google Chrome, in this way the company make hopes the transfer many of the users interfaces as the regular desktop environment to the World Wide Web. Cloud computing of Intelligible will be a big part of this design of operating system, also they are making there own laptop for Chrome OS ((Chromebook)).
Number Two:- 

          It is a series of Unix-based operating systems and graphical user interfaces developed, marketed, and sold by Apple Inc.; it has been included with all new Macintosh computer systems. It is the successor to Mac OS 9, released in 1999; the final release of the "classic" Mac OS, which had been Apple's primary operating system since 1984.

          Well…the latest version of Mac OS to hit shelves is Mac OS X (Mavericks 10.9). All of the essential applications are represented by icons arranged on a dock at the bottom of the screen and can be accessed by a single click. This is the parallel to go to camp Apple.

          The only downside is that Apple Software generally has to be used with Apple hardware, but on the other said it can the hacked which mean ((Hackintosh)) that it can run on non-Apple hardware these days…..Useful….isn't?

Number Three:-

          The most common OS and the most compatible with the millions of software packages around the world is Microsoft’s Windows. It current released Windows 8.1, it's a massive improvement for Desktop and Changing the Start Menu. In these days we using categories of system 64-bit more than 32-bit and that's what make the facilitates made the transition from the industrial computing 32-bit to 64-bit.

          There is little published information on the usage share of desktop and laptop computers, but many computers are not used for web surfing. Web client stats suggest that Microsoft Windows has about an 89% share, Apple Mac OS 7% and Linux 1%. The correlation between desktop share and web client share is being increasingly challenged by the rise of mobile web access, which rose through 1% in 2009 and 3% in 2010.

Soon....................................Windows 8.2 or Windows 9!!!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Three Commandments For Programmers

"Many of software that have same mistakes yet committed by it designers, every time and each time, because of the neglect method of program design and management and it is independent of the proficiency art of programming language specific and due to the emergence of thousands of semi-programmers who start working before they reach the required level of expertise and experience."

So we must understand three tips in these functions.

1. Follow the technologies and modern techniques:

          Must a programmer that traces the latest technologies and commitment and is useful in extending life programmed, since the techniques we using it and the Instruments is always changing in writing codes and since the companies releasing of new versions of their programs continuously, the programmer must interested and proficient in newest of which he want, also concern the characteristics of the programming environment in which they want.

          The programmers are fear for transition to the new technologies and bite their tightly on techniques eat and drinking out of waste, this odor smells whom old technologies, so they are fear for losing the data, documents or anything else......

2. Open up to other software

 of them decided to buy or using your software and he give up his old software, so ask yourself…what he will do with all these data that has accumulated?

          Suffering a lot of software written by the junior and experts, from the absence specific tools to import and export the data, which are essential tools in the implementation of the business, companies competing engaged fierce war in the market to possess the largest potential quota them, however most of the software availability path to import and export data to the other organs competition programs, Examples abound of this ((3D Max, Photoshop, Oracle, MySQL, Office Suite.......etc.)).

3. Experiment Program

          You should test program before distributions, on several different specification machines, working operating systems in the main different languages ​​various, ten devices at least and I would recommend to test the program by people different levels and don’t explaining how to use the program to them and make sure the users have ability to detect its functions alone, to discover bugs.

Apps Portable in Smart Memory Portable

When people say the program is a Portable means the program is mobility, which means that the program does not need to be installed on operating system or make SETUP, just click the app to run the program like magic!!!!

The first and most important was the differences of USB Flash Memory version, which is increasing in size (day by day) depending on the evolution of technology and economic feasibility, the second reason is protection systems that are normally activated in the computers using generally. As the public using the computers like in Universities or Colleges or Internet cafes or Department, where the administrator user can forbid the user from installing the setup to avoid the possibility of virus-infected machine and malicious...

There are two types of copies of the Post in programs...

1. Post in legal copies of programs: 
                   These programs are developed primarily from the company or entity programmed to the function as the platforms Portable. (It does not affect the work at all, because it is designed for it). 

2. Illegal copy Post in: 
                   These programs are not a stretcher in the base, but it was modified so that the programs convert into a stretcher. (There is a possibility that will not work the required efficiency of the original program of non-portable it will show the error, but this is not a barrier to use and for the benefit of the big ones). 

Now…about the Applications… 

All the necessary programs that are on your computer, these days...can be compressed into little flash memory; they are becoming ever more useful for storing all of your important programs, form your college, works, design internet programs, OS systems Portable, you can have all in one on your smart memory. 

I found this website where you can download any applications you want ((

I Recommended for using the best product of USB Flash Drive (SanDisk).